What're Squishies

Kawaii Squishy originated in Japan. Because the shape of this toy is mostly food, fruits and cartoon animals, it is soft and squeezed in its hands, so it is called Kawaii Squishy (Kawaii: cute; Squishy: sticky). At the same time, Kawaii Squishy comes with its own fragrance- -Strawberry-like is strawberry-flavored and lemon-like is lemon-flavored. The aroma can also relieve stress and relax people to a certain extent.

In English speaking countries, this toy is synonymous with "Squishy Toy", "Cute Squishies", "Silly Squishies", "Slow Rising" to describe the performance of the toy


"Squishies" slow rebound toys are popular with kids or girls because of their rich colors, shapes and smells. 

Slow rebound toys are usually made of elastic polyurethane foam and will slowly return to their original shape when released after squeezing. 

Most Squishies are colorful, colorful, and the styles are absolutely not repeated. Various expressions are animated, funny on the Internet, 3D three-dimensional patterns, various high-simulation breads, high-simulation cream effects, 3D funny expressions, printing funny expressions, and the hot selling items on the market. , Hot single, color, set a variety of candy color mix and match, set high simulation bread color mix and match, high simulation bread flavor. . . .

1.Squeezing can help decompress

Like pressure balls, toy testers find that squeezing is very satisfying. In other words, squeezing can induce spontaneous perceptual meridian response (ASMR), which can also be called "chill" or a slight tingling sensation.

2.Smelling smell

In addition to being good to the touch, Squishy also exudes a magical flavor: small strawberry-like flavors are like fruits, and smiling pie slices smell like coffee, all exuding a sweet and refreshing fragrance.

3. These toys are also suitable for adults

Toy tester Gracie's favorite is the purple coffee cup, and she said that when she felt stressed, squeezing the toy would be released briefly.